The general objective of the Biology of Fishes group is to develop research aimed at the study of fish, both marine and freshwater, related to taxonomy, biology, ecology and distribution, in order to contribute to the conservation of marine biodiversity and increase biological information, for the suitable management of the fish resources of Argentina.

1) Estimation of reproductive and grow parameters.

2) Trophic ecology.

3) Patterns of geographic distribution.

4) Comparative analysis of life histories.

5) Monitoring of the composition and distribution of the ichthyofauna in the Argentine Sea.

6) Ichthyological Collection.

Dr. Santiago A. Barbini
Researcher CONICET.

Teaching Assistant UNMdP

Dr. Daniel E. Figueroa
Professor and Researcher UNMdP
Graduate Students
Lic. David Sabadín
Doctoral Fellow CONICET
Lic. Martín Román
Doctoral Fellow CIC