This group of research was created in 2011. It includes some members of the former LICAS Group- Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences- UNMDP directed by Dr. Víctor J. Moreno  and Dra. Julia E. A. de Moreno. Our group is interested on aquatic ecotoxicology, focusing on effects at biochemical and genetic level in aquatic non target organisms exposed to organic pollutants, like current- use pesticides.

Monitoring of aquatic pollution
Biochemical biomarkers (detoxication and antioxidant enzymes, endogenous metabolites)
Biomarkers of genotoxicity (cytogenetic and molecular)
Molecular biomarkers (isoenzyme expression)

Dra. Mirta L. Menone
Researcher CONICET .


Dra. Andrea C. Crupkin

Researcher (CIC)

Lic. Ana M. Panzeri
Teaching Assistant
Dra. Débora J. Pérez
Researcher CONICET
Graduate Students
Dr. Germán Lukaszewicz
Postdoctoral Fellow
Dra. Daniela S. Garanzini
Postdoctoral  Fellow
Lic. Fernando G. Iturburu
Doctoral Fellow
Lic. Jésica Yamila Gotte Hirschfeld
Doctoral Fellow