Water bodies may be impacted by the activities taking place in their environment, leaving the organisms that inhabit exposed to different types of stressors (physical and / or chemical) which may cause effects of different kind and degree. The group Environmental Toxicology was created in 2012, with research lines that aim to determine the concentration, dynamics and effects of pollutants in marine and freshwater environments, and its impact through the evaluation of biomarkers of environmental stress.

Also, researchers in this group are responsible for the course Ecotoxicology, of the collage career in Biological Sciences, Chemistry and Biochemistry from the University of Mar del Plata. In this way, teaching tasks are carried out, transmitting knowledge and experience to the students.

Heavy metals and organic pollutants: Concentrations in marine mammals off the coast of the Province of Buenos Aires.

Bioassays: Exposure in aquatic invertebrates.

Biomarkers of environmental stress.

Chemical speciation of arsenic and development of techniques of greater sensitivity for its determination in waters destined for human consumption (surface and underground).

Hematology and blood chemistry of birds and marine mammals.

Identification of genes encoding biomarkers.

Stable carbon and nitrogen isotopes.

Impact of mercury, cadmium and arsenic on foods of marine origin intended for human consumption and maximum limits allowed in our country and in countries, communities and / or Purchasing Markets of Argentina.

Comprehensive assessment of the contribution of heavy metals and arsenic associated with the application Phosphoric fertilizers.
Endocrine disruption in aquatic invertebrates.

Dra. Marcela S. Gerpe
Researcher CONICET.


Dr. Diego Rodriguez
Researcher CONICET.


Dra. Leila N. Chiodi Boudet
Researcher CONICET.
T.O. Mariqui Trassens
Dr. Pablo Denuncio
Researcher CONICET
Graduate Students
Dra. Paula Polizzi
Postdoctoral Fellow


Lic. Alicia D. Robles
Doctoral Fellow

Teaching Assistant

Dra. María Belén Romero
Postdoctoral Fellow

Teaching Assistant

Lic. Arantxa Dolagaratz